Do you want to enrich your website by partnering with an internationally renowned travel agency?
Are you looking for a simple and reliable way of increasing your business’ income? Then the eDreams affiliate programme is for you!
Easy to set up, this programme is a powerful ally for monetizing your website.

How does the eDreams affiliate programme work?

eDreams affiliate programme enables you to share eDreams offers on your website. Everyone's a winner: your visitors, who can discover the best travel deals via your website, and you, thanks to the commission that you receive on each sale made on from your website. This commission can be as high as $25 per sale. By joining this affiliate programme, you have access to all the promotional materials you need to promote eDreams offers: banners, text links, promotions and more, according to your needs. Thanks to the affiliate programme, the best eDreams deals are just a click away for visitors to your website.


eDreams affiliates receive commission on each sale that they generate thanks to their advertising. This is known as a CPA model. Cookies have a 30-day lifespan. In other words, if a visitor to your website clicks on your eDreams advert and this click leads to a product being purchased on the eDreams website within 30 days, you are paid a commission. For this to happen, the purchase of the product must be a direct consequence of your advert: for example, a click on an eDreams Adwords advert following a visit to your website does not establish a cause and effect link or trigger a commission. Standard commission is up to $10 for “flight” sales and $25 for “flight + hotel” sales. The commission may be higher if there is an offer promotion campaign on your website.

The promotional features offered by eDreams


eDreams offer a wide range of banners so that you can find the formats to suit the structure of your website and the visuals that fit your objectives. Banner ads are the oldest advertising format and are still the most popular today due to their effectiveness.

Text links

An alternative to banners, links enable eDreams adverts to be displayed as clickable text. The images are replaced by words, this is more subtle yet sometimes just as effective. eDreams provides you with a wide selection of text links that are easy to install on your website.



Like most people, your visitors probably love promotions, good deals and exclusive offers. Well, you should know that eDreams regularly provides you with promotional codes that you can share with your visitors and customers. With these promotions, they help you improve your customer loyalty!

Do you have other needs?

Do you want to set up a customised campaign with eDreams? A customised carousel? A co-branded landing page? Or any other idea? Feel free to get in touch so that eDreams can help you meet your objectives.

What advantages does an eDreams partner enjoy?

Attractive offers

eDreams offers one of the most extensive catalogues on the market, with over 155,000 flight routes, 40,000 destinations and over 2,100,000 hotels. This size means they can provide their customers with the most attractive offers.


eDreams chooses the easiest products to sell online to offer high return potential and higher conversion rates. You are free to choose the offers you want to promote on your website, so their affiliate programme can be adapted to your target audience.


The Awin affiliate platform makes it easy for you to monitor and analyse your performance in real time! You can contact eDreams directly with any questions or requests regarding your partnership. You are regularly updated on their news and promotions.

Get the best eDreams deals

To join the eDreams programme, you only have to do one thing: fill out an application form. They will contact you as soon as possible. So, go for it: offer your visitors the best eDreams deals and partner with an internationally renowned player.

Best prices

eDreams monitors the prices offered and negotiated with their partners on a daily basis in order to offer their customers the most attractive prices and the best deals.

Customer Service

Their customers' satisfaction is their top priority. They make it a point of honour to answer all our customers' questions before, during and after their trip. Flight cancellations, booking errors, order changes, emergencies: they are at their side to help them and make their trip as pleasant as possible.


Their services and products have won awards on many occasions. This recognition from professionals and the media encourages them to continue and to continually improve. For example, eDreams won “Best Flight Booking Website” in 2015 (British Travel Awards).


eDreams guarantee that their customers' purchases on the eDreams website are completely secure. They are committed to guaranteeing that payments made on the website are 100% secure and to respecting the confidentiality of the personal data that is sent to them. 18.5 million customers trust them.

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